Each teams has Muffin weapon here are the list of the weapons.:

Muffin Rifle: This is your basic muffin gun. Tube shaped and holds one muffin this is a good weapon.

Muffin Bag: Like a purse, this wraps around you and holds a lot of muffins. Made of Nylon.

Muffin Sniper or Muffiniper: This is a single muffin weapon of doom. This can shoot muffins at long range.

Muffin Tank: A armored vehicle with a 88 mm gun and 20 ammo. Crew of 4: Gunner, Loader, Comander, and Driver.

Muffin Mortar: Shoots a Normal Muffin and acts like a mortar. You can not aim this weapon so you might not want it if you hate Friendly-Fire

Muffin: Hold a muffin and chuck it at people! CLASSIC!

Muffin Shotgun: Shoots 2 muffins at a time! Best at close range

Muffinzooka: Shoots a Mega-Muffin at medium range

Muffin Mine: Stick it under the ground, let a enemy walk over it and KABOOM! This muffin is full of C4 or TNT I can't remember.

Sticky Muffin Mine: It is the same as the Muffin Mine but you don't put it under the ground and it is sticky and filled with C4. You can place this on anything and with the click of the Detonator KABOOM.

Toxic Muffin: Best used for killing a troop without anybody knowing it was you. Tastes like a normal muffin (Pick you Flavor) then a hour later, your enemy dies! From a nerotoxin!

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