On October 3rd, 2014 a group of teens armed with blueberry muffins went around throwing muffins at people. The other people got angry and the person to create the Type-1 Muffin Gun was Michael Miller. The Type-1 Muffin gun could hold 3 muffins and was a great weapon for revenge. On January 11th, 2015 all of the victims attacked the teens and many others. Well, the "Others" starting creating weapons and what not and there started the war. Blueberry Muffins vs Chocolate Muffins. In June 2015 Las Vegas was gone. Since the Muffin Fighting, homes have exploded and crumbling buildings are everywhere. Big buildings such as the MGM Grand etc are on fire or crumbling. The Muffinfare has spread to Arizona and to California. Many people are joining the fight hoping to end this. Muffin Tanks roam the towns and sniper's protect their land. Which leads me to my next point, the teams. The Blueberry Muffin side is nicknamed BMS. B for Blueberry M for Muffin and S for side. The next team is the Chocolate Muffin Side. Their nickname is CMS. C for Chocolate M for Muffin and S for side. To show the CMS victory they put a brown flag. To show the BMS victory they put a Brown with blue dots flag.

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