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Hello, and welcome to Muffinfare wiki! We are a kind and fun community that any one can edit! Please tell your friends!

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A small joke turns deadly.

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  • new page Lend Lease
    created by Iwakoman
    New page: The BMS is now giving some muffin weapons to the Bob-omb sides in the great Bob-omb war that is going on. This gices the CMS a advantage. Since the...
  • edit Victory!
    edited by Iwakoman diff
  • new page MF1
    created by Iwakoman
    New page: It is a world wide war. It know has two names: World War 3 and Muffinfight 1. Trenches are everywhere now. People are dying. Poison Gas is being...
  • new page User blog:Iwakoman/Announcment
    posted by Iwakoman
    New blog: I am thinking about making and selling Muffinfare toys. Like T-Shirts. But the main thing is I might be making a toy Muffin Rifle, Muffin Bag,...
    Summary: Blog post created or updated.
    Added category: Blog posts
  • new page Victory!
    created by Iwakoman
    New page: The CMS just took control of to very important places! They took control of a area with a lot of cover and they got another area for building...
  • new page Tactics
    created by Iwakoman
    New page: 1: Flanking: Best with Muffin Snipers, Muffin Rifles, And Muffinzooka's. Surround your target with DEATH! Sometimes works unless you enemy as flank...
  • new page Weapons
    created by Iwakoman
    New page: Each teams has Muffin weapon here are the list of the weapons.: Muffin Rifle: This is your basic muffin gun. Tube shaped and holds one muffin this is...
  • new page The problem
    created by Iwakoman
    New page: On October 3rd, 2014 a group of teens armed with blueberry muffins went around throwing muffins at people. The other people got angry and the person...
  • edit Main Page
    edited by Iwakoman diff
  • discussion page Welcome!
    comment by DaNASCAT


    Hey there! We're excited to have Muffinfare Wiki as part of the Wikia community! There's still a lot to do, so here are some help... 

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